Alexandara Thur


Alexandra Thur is an experienced founding member of three rapid-growth real estate investment firms in the US and UK. As co-founder of Willow Isle Capital, she brings a successful track record in institutional private equity, where she helped strategise and create property income securitisation-based businesses. Her business establishment, company growth and first-hand entrepreneurial property investment experience enables Alexandra to lead the strategy and development of Willow Isle Capital.

Alexandra has been the Investment Director for the UK’s fastest-growing residential ground rent investor, Castelnau Estates, which focuses on the entrepreneurial acquisition of ground rents and selling the inflation-hedged, long-dated income of each portfolio to pension funds. She has helped successfully source capital from private equity investors and international private banks to deploy over £80 million in the first two and a half years, generating proceeds representing an uplift of 36%.

Prior to Castelnau Estates, Alexandra was a founding team member of two start-ups under the world’s largest and most successful real estate private equity firm, Blackstone. She served as Chief of Staff and was the youngest partner of Invitation Homes, America’s largest single-family owner-manager with $11 billion under operation, which launched the first single-borrower single-family rental securitisation with a $480 million transaction in 2013. Alexandra subsequently raised the initial seed funding for and served as Chief of Staff of Blackstone’s B2R Finance (now Finance of America) in New York. She was the second partner of B2R Finance, which pioneered the first U.S. multi-borrower single-family rental securitisation with a $230 million deal in 2015. Prior to this, Alexandra focused on sourcing and analysing central London property development projects at Regis Group PLC.