Bindar Dosanjh

Bindar is an Award Winning Property Entrepreneur, property mentor, International Speaker, Family lawyer and is Financially Free!

Bindar is a financially free property investor with a portfolio of several million. She speaks on property on international stages sharing with attendees how she amassed high yielding properties in a short time and how they can too.

Her accolades are many:
2009 – Shortlisted at the Asian Professional for her legal work
2010 – National Landlords Association Property Women Award – London region
2012 – Landlady of the year – London Landlord Accreditation Scheme – overall best landlord of the
year award
2013 – Shortlisted for Customer Service – Landlord &Letting Awards
2014 – Shortlisted for London Landlord Accreditation for Best portfolio landlord (20 plus properties) and Overall Best Landlord of Year
Since 2008 she has inspired and empowered others by being a property trainer and mentor for the UK’s leading Property Educational Training Company. She has mentored hundreds people enabling many of them to quit the rat race of a job and unleash their dreams with the support of passive income from property.

She now has an amazing team that support her with her businesses ensuring that she is able to maintain a good work life balance. This allows her to volunteer time each month to provide free legal advice for her Local Advice Centre and the Domestic Violence Units. Family time is very important to Bindar and she would never miss out on this.
From humble beginnings to award winning property millionaire, Bindar is the real thing who is living proof that you can turn your life around with your belief in yourself, perseverance and motivation.

Her motto in life is “You have one life and so make it a masterpiece by work hard to develop the right systems for your business while having the time to play hard!”