Fredrik Sandvall


Fredrik is the go to person if you like to move on with your own investments as he is leading the way by example, by growing more than 11 business simultaneously. He has currently got deals at different stages worth more than £25m creating an additional 100 homes plus within the next 18 months. Fredrik has replaced his former job by becoming an investor and dealmaker in property and business funding. He set up his first business at the age of 17 and controlled his first million worth of property when he was 23. He is currently helping a number of people per year to become financially free for life. One example of this is a family from SE England who had accumulated a £4.5m portfolio over 25 years, before they were mentored by Fredrik, to double that in just 11 months. As a former Special Forces Captain, he also exemplifies what discipline and partnering can do to your businesses.

Fredrik loves to help others and has a combine following of more than 50,000 people across the different social media platforms as an influencer. Fredrik’s can-do attitude and pragmatic approach to turning problems into opportunities empowers others to do the same in today’s “negative” society and to change their lives for good. He believes in and endeavours to live by the theme – Entrepreneur 4 Good.

He has three business degrees including an MBA although the advice he shares is understandable and actionable for those who do.

Fredrik frequently present on a broad range of topics, only in May 2018 to well over a thousand persons. His Podcast Invest in You has also got a global reach which match his work in more than 40 countries to date. Really if you are looking out for ways to sharpen your way of investing, pick up TACTICS, Fredrik’s investment principles, he shares the foundation to allow investors to assess investments and for people who are looking for funds to acquire them. It consolidates his best learnings from global mentors and learning by doing. The ethos of plan-do-review is applied throughout and so is ethical investing. It allows for understanding where you are from an investment point of view today and set goals and aspire for more in the future. His Skyscraper Investment model also allows to pinpoint where you are heading and identify your own high value time. The principles explained allow for investors at different levels to lower the risk, do things legally, get higher returns and enjoy life. It also shares ideas on how to build trust, create the best assets, in a way that supports community and give back to society as a whole. How the attract a team or partners that works with similar values. Understanding around the speed of money and what is a good or bad investment. Avoid the critical mistakes that many people do in this industry which actually could put you in prison. The systems to allow your business and investments to outlast you and leave a legacy. Fredrik’s TASKFORCE for investment checklist also assists lenders and borrowers in their decision making and investments.