About Brendan’s Events

Our Mission

Events focused towards property investors and professionals who are wanting to move their business to the next level. We aspire to help you find associates in the property community to share ideas and resolve your particular challenges.


Who We Are

Brendan started running monthly property events in 2010 after being inspired by a property investor who was looking for access to a wider network of similar minded professionals.

8 years later with 5 one day summits and over 100 evening events Brendan has established a following of both members and drop in individuals.

Brendan likes both the street wise and the newbie meeting and encourages all to participate. A growing network of sponsors equally supports the ongoing delivery of information rich and well informed events.

Brendan is always looking for people who think they have something to share to an audience of property professionals. If you are interested in presenting and think you have something others would be interested in then get in touch. 

An investment in knowledge
always pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin