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February 22 - 06:30 pm


February 23 - 09:00 pm


London Bridge Hotel

8-18 London Bridge Street

London, United Kingdom, SE1 9SG

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Guest Speaker- Shaz Ahmed-The Power of Personal Branding

Funding in the UK Property Landscape: Navigating Regulations, Investor Priorities, Risk Mitigation, Lender Assessments, and Market Trends-Panel Session chaired by Will Mallard-

Who is this event for?

  • Investors
  • Developers
  • Property Professionals

Shaz Ahmed

Shaz Ahmed is a dynamic force with over a decade of experience in property finance. He is the visionary founder of Elan Property Finance, empowering investors to enhance their property portfolios. Shaz shares his expertise on Instagram (@wheresshaz) and engaging podcast appearances, guiding investors through the intricacies of property investment. He is a luminary in the industry, featured in prestigious platforms like BBC Radio and YPN Magazine, offering invaluable insights and expertise.

About the presentation:

Crafting Your Personal Brand: Shaz shares strategies for building a compelling personal brand in the property sector, positioning you as a thought leader.

Networking Mastery: Learn to forge meaningful connections and build a strong network within the industry, with practical tips from Shaz on strategic alliances and lasting relationships.

Content Creation & Authority: Discover how to establish yourself as an industry authority through content creation on social media, podcasts, and more, with insights from Shaz.

Visibility & Public Speaking: Gain insights into enhancing your visibility through public speaking, media appearances, and industry events, with techniques from Shaz for capturing audience attention.

Overcoming Challenges: Learn from Shaz’s experiences on overcoming obstacles in the property industry, with strategies for resilience and adaptability.

Expanding Influence: Explore ways to maximize opportunities and expand your influence in the dynamic property sector, with actionable tips from Shaz on identifying trends and emerging markets.

Attend Shaz Ahmed’s presentation to gain invaluable knowledge and practical strategies for becoming a key person of influence in the competitive property industry.

Funding Panel will cover:

  1. How can investors and developers effectively navigate regulatory changes and market uncertainties to secure funding for their projects?
  2. What are the key factors that investors look for when evaluating potential property investment opportunities in the UK?
  3. What strategies can developers employ to mitigate risks and ensure successful project delivery in the current economic climate?
  4. How do lenders assess the viability and profitability of property development projects, and what factors influence their funding decisions?
  5. What are the current trends and opportunities in the UK property market that investors and developers should be aware of?


Asim Shirwani (bio to follow)

John Cox

Ro Sharma

Shaz Ahmed

John Cox

John Cox brings decades of experience in financial services, specializing in portfolio building for investors. He established Mortgage-Desk in 1998, earning recognition as one of Bank of Scotland’s “100 club” introducers before the credit crunch.

In 2004, John specifically helped clients purchase property portfolios, with one client acquiring over 88 properties in a single year. He often got involved in many of the strategies employed at the time, including purchase and remortgage. The areas he was active in were the North East and Scotland, along with facilitating purchases of off-market new builds in London.

By June 2010, John had helped clients purchase over 120 properties in Scotland and acquired some stock for himself as well. His expertise lies in securing comprehensive insurance contracts, financing for individuals and businesses, and facilitating property transactions. One of the main areas John likes helping is ensuring that clients refrain from chasing shiny pennies or being motivated buyers; he often scrutinizes deals for their validity.

John believes that we are heading into another phase where buyers and investors need to take stock of what they are buying and ensure that all the information they are being presented with stacks up.

Ro Sharma

Ro is an established London based property investor and developer, coming from a diverse career history spanning global retail and investment banking, management consulting and as a former British Army officer.

His property focus is on joint ventures, planning uplift, social impact investing, commercial conversions and HMOs. With a keen eye for detail, his skill sets lie in planning, due diligence, risk management, financial and deal structuring and project delivery.

Ro has strong relationship skills and is known for his resilience, articulate communication with stakeholders and dynamic leadership skills in high pressure situations.

His former careers bring top-tier performance and strategic insight to his approaches in property deals, encompassing collaboration, risk management, negotiation and business strategy.

Ro’s further interests lie in SSAS pension investments, PropTech, leadership development, and community projects.



6.30-7pm- Welcome

7pm- Welcome followed by:

Shaz Ahmed- KPI

Second Speaker tbc

7.45pm-Sponsors and Member Spotlight

7.50pm- Elevator Pitches followed by Networking Break

7.50pm- Hear from our Sponsors and Spotlight on one of our members

8.15pm- Panel Session

9pm- Meeting formally concludes