Central London Evening Property Network


March 28


06:30 pm - 09:30 pm

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London Bridge Hotel

Networking, Panel, Presentations

Co-Hosted by James Pick of Konnexsion

Guest Speaker Richard Bowser, Editor of Property Investor News Magazine- Market Update- Opportunities in 2019

and Crowdfunding Panel- Investor Opportunities


Auctions Update-Jay Howard of AuctionHouse London

And your chance to showcase what you do in Property

Richard Bowser- Market Update

Richard Bowser, the editor of the renowned monthly magazine ‘Property Investor News’ offers an overview as to how investors can maximise the opportunities presented by current market conditions and buyer/seller sentiment.

As a long term residential landlord and private investor, Richard’s overview of the UK property investment market and his property investing experience gained over 23 years contains genuine substance and he offers some invaluable analysis for both new and experienced investors.

If you really want to enhance your understanding of the property marketplace and where the real opportunities will exist in the next few years, then make sure you don’t miss this talk

Crowdfunding Panel includes:

Who are the Panellists?

Manish Kataria, Founder of Invest Like A Pro

Evan Maindonald,Founder of Melt Homes

Angela Bryant- Investor

Brad Lazarus, Investor

Helen Chorley, Investor

What the Crowdfunding Panel will cover?

1. Why you invest in crowdfunding deals
2. What benefits are there in doing so, additional to the expected returns
3.How much weight would you give to:
a. the particular developer
b. or project
c.or type of returns- equity, debt, isa
d. platform
4. What due diligence do you do

Evan Maindonald

Evan Maindonald has been investing in property in New Zealand and the UK since 1994. In 2002, he formed MELT Homes. In the last 17 years, the company has built over 100 properties in London, Gloucestershire and Kent with a total value of over £22m. MELT Homes has also accumulated an investment property portfolio of over 50 residential and commercial properties. The projects they are currently working on have end values of around £50m and they have crowdfunded around £1.5m in Equity for those projects in the last 12 months.

Helen Chorley

Having worked on the trading floor of a major investment bank, Helen is used to dealing with large numbers, high pressure and big personalities. This financial background has given her valuable insights and skills applicable to the world of property and a deep understanding of the projects she invests in. With keen attention to detail, her astute opinions are regularly sought by developers and fellow investors alike. She has a consistent track record of selecting profitable deals, which she attributes to her thorough due diligence and no-nonsense approach. Her current portfolio of investment projects has a combined GDV of over £35 million. Based between Bermuda, Malta and London, Helen spends most of her time advising her development partners on how best to present their deals to appeal to investors. She holds an MA in politics, philosophy and economics from Oxford University and education continues to be a major passion for her.

Brad Lazarus

A small business entrepreneur obsessed by applying new and innovative digital marketing strategies to the property investment sector. Brad is co-founder of Goliath Property Solutions and Goliath Sourcing Academy, an entirely online business that teaches newbies and established investors how to find property deals. In recent years Brad has been actively investing in debt and equity property deals through crowdfunding websites. He joins the panel very much in the capacity of a retail investor who has embraced this new, modern and innovative way of accessing property deals that were up until recently not open to those other than the very wealthy with very deep pockets.

Manish Kataria:

Manish Kataria CFA is a professional investor with 18 years’ experience in fund management and UK property investment. He has managed investment portfolios for JPMorgan and other blue chip investment houses. Within property, he invests in and owns a range of assets including developments, HMOs, BTLs and serviced accommodation. InvestLikeAPro was set up so anyone can invest like a pro.

Angela Bryant

Angela Bryant lives in Sussex and has been a property investor since 1995, building a large portfolio of over 100 properties. With over 20 years’ experience in self-managing a buy-to-let portfolio, Angela has built up a sound knowledge of every aspect of buy-to-let, from choosing the right property, refurbishing, signing up and dealing with tenants, to the eviction and sales processes.

Following the success of her first book The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success, Angela recently published her second book The Complete Guide to Property Strategies.

As well as self-managing, Angela and her partner manage properties and purchases for others,

Panel chair invited: Aaron Yahaya


6.30-7- Registration and Networking

7-7.15- Welcome and Updates

7.15-8.00- Crowdfunding Panel- focus: Investors Perspective

8.00- 30 second shout out followed by Networking Break

8.20-9.00- Richard Bowser, Editor of Property Investor News Magazine

9.00- Meeting formally finishes, retire to the bar