Central London Property Netwok


July 27


06:30 pm - 09:00 pm


London Bridge Hotel


London, SE1 9SG




This will be a special celebration as we are celebrating the second year of relaunching the Central London Property Network live in person.

Who you should expect to connect with:
Property Professionals

Panellists include:

James Cross
Rosey Cassidy
Tristan Garton

James Cross:

James is the founder of Crossover Property Group based in the East Midlands. The company specialises in property development projects, encompassing the revitalisation of run-down or tired residential properties, the conversion of commercial buildings into residential spaces, and the construction of new developments.

Crossover Property Group collaborates with investors, aiming to deliver excellent returns on their investments within the property industry.

Additionally, as part of Crossover Property Group, the company offers a consultancy arm that caters to property investors and developers. Their services range from initial development appraisals,cost estimation to comprehensive project management, contract administration, and employer agent roles.

Rosey Cassidy

Rosey has been immersed in the world of property development her entire life. Starting off her career as a land agent where over the span of 3 years, she sourced and brokered £22.7m worth of land. Rosey then moved to to the family business where she managed the acquisition and operations for £232M GDV of sites, specifically PRS apartments and PBSA schemes. Rosey is now the co founder of Newman Rose Property group with a pipeline of over £25million

Tristan Garton, Director of Garton Property Group.

They are steadily building a property portfolio diversified in terms of location and function across London, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex, and Kent. Their portfolio includes a medium-sized HMO, serviced accommodation, and buy-to-let properties, all aimed at targeting premium caliber tenants and creating high-end living environments.

Their journey began with their first property, which required a full renovation and remodel. They worked closely on every intricate detail to learn the process. After the successful sale of that property, they have increasingly outsourced renovation and rental/property management tasks with each new acquisition. Their ultimate goal is to achieve as close to a passive income as possible, allowing for a better work-life balance from any international location they choose.

In the long term, their focus is on integrating sustainability into their portfolio. They hope to evolve the properties to have a green and renewable energy focus across the board.

With 14 years of experience in property sales and lettings, their passion for property development has been present for as long as they can remember.

Career Achievements:

They became one of the fastest and youngest individuals to reach Directorship level at their previous company, which was the largest independent estate agency in London. They dramatically increased sales and broke records in each branch they managed.

They took a leap of faith by leaving the corporate world with its demanding schedule (being the first in and last out, six days a week) to pursue their dream of a more balanced life ethos.

They purchased, renovated, and rented out three properties, totalling nine bedrooms, within a 14-month period.

To date they have purchased and renovated four properties, currently have 11 bedrooms rented, creating a net profit income on each and robust capital growth.